Honda has made an amazing breadth of products. They are known as a mobility company because they don’t just make cars. Honda also makes jets, race cars, boat engines, lawnmowers, generators, motorcycles, minivans, sports cars… The list of Honda innovations is in the thousands.

 The products that Honda makes today are the culmination of everything Honda has ever done—all of its successes as well as the challenges overcome. This commercial depicts the origin story of Honda in the form of a star going supernova. Imagine an epic and rapid expansion of light and products peeling out in all directions, spanning all eras of Honda history—everything from the iconic D-type motorbike and the F1 McLaren Honda MP4/4 to the Baja Ridgeline plowing through the mud.

To bring the idea to life, Honda and RPA partnered with director Paul Mitchell (Elastic) and VFX company A52 to render over 150 products manufactured by Honda. Using a combination of live-action, CG models, and historical photo references, the vehicles were brought to life in one impossible sequence. It all starts with one idea as it becomes something real. The commercial brings to life epic determination and the challenging spirit with a story that only Honda can tell.
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