38.22 MM views  (8/29/2022 - 9/18/2022)
Stories of Determination

We created animated videos that show the breadth and range of Honda innovation.
Each video highlights a specific segment of Honda's product offerings in a 2.5D style that was both cost-effective and striking in feed.
Game: Race With Your Face

Continuing the innovation story of Honda, we developed a Snapchat Lens racing game that showcases past, current, and future Honda vehicles. This work sets Honda apart from other OEMs, brings new people to the Honda brand, and inspires its associates, dealers, and customers. Choose from three iconic Honda vehicles and challenge your friends to beat your score. The game used the movements of users' heads to control the specific vehicle. The Lens was featured as the first Lens within the Snapchat Lens carousel. The best score to date is 18.10s. Using your mobile device, make sure you have Snapchat installed and click this link: https://t.snapchat.com/rVmVMdSL
Results in 1 day (10/7/2022):


Honda is the First Auto Brand to run a First Lens Takeover
Our First Lens reached 6,023,309 Snapchatters in 1 day
The lens was shared 129,120 times and saved 12,328 times in 1 day
The Average Camera Playtime was 16 seconds.
Posters & Social Ads
We created posters with iconic vehicles and messaging speaking to the breadth of Honda's product stable and challenger spirit.
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