The Civic Type R is the most powerful production car Honda’s ever made. An engineering marvel that boasts track speeds of approximately 170 MPH. Unfortunately for gearheads in America, however, the Type R has never been more than a myth. A fun but speculative topic discussed on message boards and at car shows. That is, until now. After 20 years of hope and anticipation, the Type R has finally landed on American soil.

To celebrate this epic arrival, while acknowledging its rarity and shining a halo on the rest of the Civic family, we adopted the metaphor of a comet. The film shows the Type R hurtling through the atmosphere at blistering speeds, with the rest of the Civic models, like the Si and the Coupe, acting as the comet’s tail. The Type R starts off red, and as it picks up speed the color of the car shifts to white. It eventually arrives on ”earth” before coming to an awe-inspiring stop and changing back to its original red color. To push the comet theme even further, we created original sound effects using clips from real NASA astronauts. The clips were taken from the Skylab 4 mission, in which an actual comet was observed from the first American space station.
The master image comprised of multiple stock images and builds that were used to create a range of media from posters to banners to print ads.
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